Our Role

Ayrshire Engineering Alliance (AEA)

We are a Pan-Ayrshire industry led group who promote growth across the engineering sector in Ayrshire sponsored by Scottish Enterprise and North, East and South Ayrshire Councils. AEA's objective is to provide a forum for the Ayrshire Engineering sector to access support from industry, academia and the public sector facilitating discussion, collaboration and communication to promote growth within the sector through local, national and international markets. Our strategy is three-fold (2018 to 2020):

1. To build a strong membership base of Ayrshire Engineering companies - facilitate growth through regular consultative communication forums and media

2. To develop a “Buy Ayrshire” procurement strategy - encourage large local businesses / government enterprises to source locally and AEA members to source within the group

3. To be the “Voice of Ayrshire Engineering” - provide a single point of contact for government organisations to consult with engineering industry and vice versa

This approach will ensure our collective capabilities and offerings are heard and understood at the appropriate national and international a forums/boards whilst also providing a forum for Scottish Enterprise, Business Gateway and Councils to have opportunity to promote and gauge the feelings and needs of the engineering community in Ayrshire.

AEA Board

Business Representation

Simon Foster (Chair) - Spirit AeroSystems

Jim Wilson - Wallace McDowell

Steven Edmund - AMP Control

Mark McKell - Omnitool

Robert Dow - Glaxosmithkline

Jimmy Burwood – Burnhouse Engineering

Alison Somerville - Dustacco

Iain McGachie - AEA

Council Representation

Jim Johnstone - South Ayrshire(Supported by Angela Collier)

Matt Strachan - North Ayrshire(Supported by John McGuire)

Sharon Hodgson - East Ayrshire(Supported by Mags Watson)

Communication Plan


  • Board Call / Skype - 1 hour - Progress vs KPI’s
  • Members e-mail - Successes / testimonials / developments / opportunities

Two Monthly

  • Members Sessions - 2 hours
  • Focus on members needs / sharing experiences / opportunities for members
  • AEA Board take lead on longer term challenging issues and report back to members

Three Monthly

  • Board Meeting - face to face – 2 hours
  • Deeper dive vs progress /needs / support